New World

What happens when worlds collide?


New World is an anthology about culture clash. 24 sci-fi and fantasy stories about when civilizations meet: conflict, commerce, conquest, and discovery. And this time, you're hearing both sides.

  • The Quiet World by Evan Dahm
  • Written in Stone by Carla Speed McNeil
  • Stranded in E by Matt Howarth
  • The Journey Stones by Ben Fleuter
  • Impression by Spike
  • The Numbers Game by Jakob Free, Mark Pearce, and Nic J Shaw
  • Free by Yáo Xiao
  • Dr. Bubble by William Tallman
  • Islands by Cameron Morris and Nina Matsumoto
  • Star Catcher by Abbadon
  • The Prophet by Taylor Robin
  • Recordings by Evangelos Androutsopoulos
  • The Book House by Jonathon Dalton
  • Peopleology by Magera Gordon
  • Fear & Fascination by M. Dean
  • A Vessel in Drift by Ezra Claytan Daniels
  • Cleanup by Ainsley Seago
  • The Brides of Cetus by Meg Gandy
  • An Experimental Colony by Zach Weinersmith and Blue Delliquanti
  • Daikaiju, Die! by Iris Jay and Nero O'Reilly
  • Incubation by Ben Jelter
  • Hosts by Sophie Goldstein and Carl Antonowicz
  • Anticthon by Evan Palmer
  • Garden of Heaven by Karla Pacheco and Kory Bing

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