Series: Cautionary Fables & Fairytales 2

The Cautionary Fables & Fairytales series has been chronicling folktales from around the world for nearly a decade, hopping from Europe to Africa, over to Asia, Oceania, and finally teaming up with Iron Circus Comics to hit the coasts of America! 

These books and the wonderfully adapted tales within have been enjoyed by kids and adults alike since 2012.


The Girl Who Married a Skull and Other African Stories

In this vibrant comics treasury, some of storytelling’s finest talents reimagine classic African folktales with a modern twist! Funny, warm, and wildly inventive, these timeless tales are brand new all over again.


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The Nixie of the Mill-Pond and Other European Stories

In this high-spirited and hilarious comics collection, some of storytelling’s finest talents reimagine classic European folktales with a modern twist.


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The Night Marchers and Other Oceanian Stories

Ghostly warriors, angry gods, and monstrous tyrants? That’s just the start of this collection of folklore from the Pacific, retold in comics!


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Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories

Vengeful spirits, flying ogres, helpful teapots, and trickster tigers? That’s just the start of this lively collection of Asian folktales, reimagined and retold in comics!


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