Crowdfund Roundup


LAST UPDATE: 2023-09-08

Welcome to the Iron Circus Crowdfund Roundup page! Here, you'll find news on the states of completion of our various crowdfunds-in-progress.

If a crowdfund you backed isn't featured here, that crowdfund is considered completed. You can still get your backer rewards, though! Please consult the most recent update on the crowdfund you backed on its Kickstarter or Backerkit homepage, it should have instructions.

Lackadaisy club pins
Status: This isn't technically a crowdfund project, but the production of this item has been a saga, and folks have been waiting for a while, so we thought it was worth listing here. So the situation here is that the “Three of Clubs” pin sets are done and will be shipping out soon, but there was a production error with the “Chevron” pins where the design was inverted: The bits that were supposed to be raised are recessed, and vice-versa. And that's not good enough. So we're having the whole run re-struck by a different manufacturer. We're really sorry about the very extended wait, but you folks deserve to receive the design you paid for!

Lackadaisy club chevron pin production error

The Lizard Prince and Other South American Stories
(Cautionary Fables & Fairytales series)
BackerKit page:
Status: Our fulfillment company has the books at least, and will begin the shipping process very soon!

The Sea in You
BackerKit page:
Status: Same deal here: There books will start shipping out any time, depending on the fulfillment company's capacity.

Smut Peddler X and Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Girlfriend
(Smut Peddler series)
BackerKit page:
Status: The My Monster Girlfriend and Smut Peddler X ebooks are available to backers via BackerKit now. Prepress has been completed, a printer has been selected, quotes have been approved, and production will start soon!

Failure to Launch
BackerKit page:
Status: This book is still in prepress, so it won't be shipping for a while!