What is Dirty Old Ladies?

Dirty Old Ladies is a weekly podcast featuring Iron Circus Comics founder C. Spike Trotman, cartoonist Kel McDonald and cartoonist Amanda Lafrenais. We discuss comics from a business and creative perspective, covering subjects like Kickstarter, character development, self-promotion and art education. Due to the fact both Spike and Amanda produce adult content, and the frank language used on the show, Dirty Old Ladies is suggested for listeners 18 years of age and older! Dirty Old Ladies on iTunes Dirty Old Ladies on Tumblr Dirty Old Ladies on libsyn

Latest Episode

Episode 62: Tropes & Cliches: Dead Parents

Where are your parents?! Spike, Kel, and Amanda talk about the trope so common in YA stories and Anime, dead or missing parents. Why are these children left to their own devices and what does that do for the story?