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The A.V. Club — 12/11/2015
Our Favorite Graphic Novels, One-Shots, and Archives of 2015

Women Write About Comics — 11/27/2015
Diversity Is Reality, Mainstream Comics Needs to Catch Up: Interview with Spike Trotman

The Guardian — 11/13/2015
Spike Trotman: From Slice-Of-Life to Smut, a Comic Book Artist Doing It Her Own Way

Black Girl Nerds — 11/10/15
Comic Creator You Should Know: Spike

Rainbow Hub — 11/05/2015
Iron Circus Comics Launches Shadoweyes Kickstarter

The A.V. Club — 11/03/2015
The controversial Captain America: Sam Wilson soars by getting political. Also reviewed: Uncanny Inhumans, TJ And Amal, and Meat & Bone

Paste Magazine — 10/26/2015
Required Reading: 50 of the Best Horror Comics

Broken Frontier — 10/21/2015
Staff Picks for October 21, 2015

Forbes — 9/22/2015
Looking For Diversity In Comics? Try Independent Creators

Oregon Public Broadcasting — 9/12/2015
State Of Wonder: Sept. 12, 2015

Publishers Weekly — 9/11/2015
Publishers Weekly Star Watch 2015 Honorees

NPR — 7/26/2015
Women's Comics Are Surfing the Crowd

Wired — 7/25/2015
It's Time to Get Real About Racial Diversity in Comics

The A.V. Club — 7/24/2015
Kris Mukai on Self-Publishing, Stumpy Characters, and Representation in Comics

Comics Alliance — 6/5/2015
Currently Crowdfunding: “New World” Fantasy/Sci-Fi Anthology [Exclusive Preview]

io9 — 5/19/2015
A Twisted Comic About a Space Colony Where Medical Experiments Are Holy

BuzzFeed — 4/7/2015
21 People in the Comics Community Share Why They’re #NonCompliant

Comics Alliance — 3/17/2015
Organic, Very Human: An Interview with E.K. Weaver [Hire This Woman]

io9 — 2/24/2015
Want to Start a Webcomic? Here's the Best Advice Around

Comixology — 1/26/2015
Comixology's Best of 2014

Comics Alliance — 1/7/2015
The Top Five Kickstarter Comics of 2014

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Comics Alliance — 12/12/2014
Books That Feel Real: Spike Trotman on “Poorcraft 2” and Building an Indie Comics Empire [Interview]

Comics Alliance — 10/22/2014
Hire This Woman: Cartoonist and Publisher Spike Trotman

io9 — 9/8/2014
Read a Sexy Excerpt from the Porn Comics Anthology Smut Peddler [NSFW]

Comics Alliance — 8/18/2014
Comics' New Golden Age: Spike Trotman Talks Taking Down the Gatekeepers [Interview]

Crain's Chicago Business — 8/14/2014
20 Chicago Products That Hit It Big on Kickstarter This Year

Bitch Magazine — 5/16/2014
Popaganda Episode: How to Write About Sex

Comics Alliance — 5/15/2014
Spike Trotman's “Let's Kickstart a Comic” Is a Crash Course in Crowdfunding Success

io9 — 5/14/2014
Want to Raise Money on Kickstarter? This Comic Can Help You Get Started

Comics Alliance — 4/30/2014
No Sex, Please; We're Printers: “Smut Peddler” Creator Spike Trotman on the Challenge of Publishing Porn

io9 — 4/25/2014
Smut Peddler's Editor Tells Us How to Make Great Pornographic Comics

Comics Alliance — 4/10/2014
“Smut Peddler” Editor Spike Trotman on Breaking $80,000 in Five Days [Interview]

Comics Alliance — 2/18/2014
Inkstuds Spotlight: Spike Trotman and Money in Comics [Podcast]

Comics Alliance — 1/2/2014
14 for '14: Comic Book Creators to Watch in the New Year

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Comics Alliance — 9/11/2013
Erotica Anthology “Smut Peddler” Returns, Is Now Accepting Submissions

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New City — 11/26/2012
Occasional Porn: C. Spike Trotman and the Resurrection of “Smut Peddler”

Comics Alliance — 9/21/2012
In Porn Anthology “Smut Peddler,” Women Spin Sexy Stories for Everyone [Review]

Comics Alliance — 7/25/2012
“Poorcraft” Is Everything Your Parents Never Taught You About Frugal Living

Comics Alliance — 2/28/2012
“Smut Peddler” Editor Spike Trotman Talks the Joy of Female-Created Sex Comics [Sex]