Girls with Slingshots

The massive compiled and remastered edition of Danielle Corsetto’s long-running hit webcomic about 20-something BFFs Jamie and Hazel!


One of the most popular webcomics of all time, Girls with Slingshots‘ eleven-year run followed the adventures of Hazel Tellington, Jamie McJack, and their close-knit group of friends as they unsteadily and enthusiastically navigated their twenties and beyond. Girls with Slingshots collects the entire strip in one place for the very first time, including thousands of full-color comics with never before seen creator insights and art!

This collection includes two full-color, cloth-wrapped hardcover books measuring 10.25″ × 12.25″ × 1″. Volume 1 is 320 pages, and volume 2 is 308 pages. They each have foil-stamped cover art and an incorporated bookmark ribbon. The books come in a slipcover that is also cloth-wrapped, with foil-stamped art.

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