Lackadaisy shot glass set


Friends, what better way could there be to drink illicit hooch from that Lackadaisy Speakeasy (or, if you prefer, straight maple syrup) than from custom-made Lackadaisy shot glasses?

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We produced these limited-edition Lackadaisy Speakeasy shot glasses as a stretch goal for the Lackadaisy animated short crowdfund, and we've still got a few left! Each one is emblazoned with the Lackadaisy club logo in gold foil, and they come four-to-a-set in a gorgeous, partitioned wooden crate, oh-so-sneakily labeled as Algid brand “embalming fluid” in case the local coppers get nosy. These aren't just collectors' pieces: They're made in accordance with American and international food safety standards, so go ahead and put 'em to use!

(Maple syrup not included.)