An erotic graphic novel that redefines a genre, this highly anticipated third installment of the Letters for Lucardo series takes a dark and foreboding turn in a captivating saga of immortal love.

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by Iron Circus Comics

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About the Book

When the aristocratic vampire Lucardo von Gishaupt, a royal member of the Court of Night, fell in love with a 61-year-old mortal named Edmund Fiedler, his passion grew to legendary proportions. Then, Lucardo’s staid, practical father intervened, driving Ed from the Court.

After a furious search, Lucardo has finally reunited with his aging lover… but is the end of their time together already at hand?

The Silent Lord

Terminally ill with Shifter’s Lung, a terrifying disease filling his chest with blood and drowning him from the inside, Ed has finally collapsed. But Lucardo is having none of it… and in a panic, he has gone against Ed’s wishes, turning his dying lover over to the progenitor and god of his kind, the dreaded Silent Lord, in a last-ditch effort to escape death.

Will Ed embrace the dark gift, living forever with his beloved? And what will it mean, surrendering himself to this uncaring, malevolent force, that lives for nothing but tormenting those that call it “father?”


Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord is the penultimate third volume in this four-part series. This is the longest book so far, at almost 200 pages of Otava's fantastic grayscale artwork. If you're new to this critically-acclaimed, fan-favorite series, we highly recommend picking up the first two volumes, and reading the series in order.

And as a heads-up, this is an erotic graphic novel series! It contains adult situations and content, and is inappropriate for anyone under age 18.

The book is currently at the printer. We're aiming for a June 2022 release date

In the first volume, Letters for Lucardo, vampire noble Lucardo von Gishaupt dared to fall in love with an aged human, 61-year-old scribe Ed Fiedler. Angered and concerned by his son's choice in lovers—an old man, unfit for an immortal—the Lord of the Night Court drives Edmund from his palace. In the second volume, Letters for Lucardo: Fortunate Beasts, an uprooted Ed is forced to seek safety among his own kind, as Lucardo defies his family and searches for his lover.

Now, in Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord, a dying Edmund is brought back to the Night Court under Lucardo's protection, and a terrible choice must be made.

Here are a few things the critics have had to say about previous volumes in the Letters for Lucardo series!

“A story that's full of unexpectedly emotional and sympathetic characters, building a world and a cast that's evocative and fascinating. . . . The next installment can't come soon enough.” — THE A.V. CLUB

“This is one that you should have on your list if you enjoy erotic comics.” — SYFY WIRE

“Extremely high-quality smut.” — THE SEATTLE REVIEW OF BOOKS

Back our independent crowdfund with confidence! This is Iron Circus Comics' thirty-third crowdfunding project. Twenty-nine of our previous projects have been fulfilled and completed, and the others are currently in process of being fulfilled by Easyship and White Squirrel. Our track record speaks for itself!


This is it, folks, and we mean that. Literally it.

Available through this crowdfund now and never again from Iron Circus: the very last physical copies of Otava's one-shot, neolithic comic, Shattered Spear. Printed by our short-comic imprint, Circus Maximus, in 2019, Shattered Spear tells the tale of a prehistoric, Middle East, brutality, and heartbreak. A full color, 56-page masterpiece. And we're down to our last 90 copies. There will be no reprint.


Otava Heikkilä (b. 1990) is a comic author from Tampere, Finland. His work focuses on queer stories for adult audiences, with eroticism, horror and historical subjects often playing center stage.

His earlier comics include Shattered Spear, the PRISM-awards nominated Sasha from the Gym, and various short stories released in the Smut Peddler-anthologies by Iron Circus Comics.


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All art by Otava Heikkilä.



The full graphic novel "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord" in DRM-free, PDF format!

June, 2022

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A physical, softcover copy of "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord" and a free "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord" ebook in DRM-free PDF format!

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All three graphic novels, "Letters for Lucardo", "Letters for Lucardo: Fortunate Beasts", and "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord", in DRM-free, PDF format!

June, 2022

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LIMITED TO JUST NINETY BACKERS! This is it, the very last of the Shattered Spear print run. If you missed out on a copy from last year's project -- this is the only way you can get it. As well as a physical, softcover copy of "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord" and a free "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord" ebook in DRM-free PDF format!

June, 2022

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Physical, softcover copies of all three graphic novels! "Letters for Lucardo", "Letters for Lucardo: Fortunate Beasts", and "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord" as well as a DRM-free PDF of "Letters for Lucardo" and "Letters for Lucardo: Fortunate Beasts", and "Letters for Lucardo: The Silent Lord". THE WHOLE SERIES, IN EVERY FORMAT!

June, 2022

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