Limited-edition Lackadaisy shot glass set


Friends, what better way could there be to drink illicit hooch from that Lackadaisy Speakeasy (or, if you prefer, straight maple syrup) than from custom-made Lackadaisy shot glasses?

NOTE: Due to ongoing disruptions in global shipping, we’re still waiting for this item to arrive at our warehouse. We expect to begin shipping some time in Autumn.

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Iron Circus Comics is producing an animated short for Tracy Butler’s manic masterpiece, Lackadaisy! And as part of one of that project’s stretch goals, we’ve commissioned a limited, one-time run of Lackadaisy-Speakeasy-themed shot glasses! Each one is emblazoned with the Lackadaisy club logo in gold foil, and they come four-to-a-set in a gorgeous, partitioned wooden crate, oh-so-sneakily labeled as Algid brand “embalming fluid” in case the local coppers get nosy.

Only 1,000 of these sets will be made, and they’re designed and manufactured in accordance with American and international food safety standards. Scheduled to hit American shores in late spring or early summer!

(Maple syrup not included.)