Reagan Mancuso

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Reagan Mancuso
Reagan Mancuso
Other Names Ray, "Raygun"
Age 27 [1]/28 [2]
Residence Abby Hall
Occupation Manager of Kingdom Come
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
First Appearance
The Great Outdoors, page 15.

Reagan: Celtic, "Royal."

Reagan is a neighbor of Ben's. Physically and socially imposing, she tends to get her way. This includes forcing Ben out of his apartment and into the streets of Templar for his own good.

Reagan is tall for a woman, fat by anybody's standards, dresses like a drag queen, has a head of hair that reaches past her calves, and wears unusual glasses. She's kind of hard to miss.[3]

- Spike

About Reagan

Reagan is a manager at Kingdom Come, a full-spectrum vice store. She helps Gene raise Zora Carmichael. She has been living in Templar for at least five years[4], and though well aware of the city and its many subcultures, is disdainful of most of them. However, she does appear to be a fan of the Cook Family, and has an affinity for copybooks.


Reagan is perhaps one of Ben Kowalski's best friends in Templar. Ben frequently spends his days with her hanging out at Kingdom Come.

Scipio Spencer is such a natural foil for Reagan that they are widely (if incorrectly) assumed to be a couple.


Reagan is overweight but comfortable in her skin. She owns an extensive and exotic wardrobe of striking and unique outfits. Spike has referred to her style as resembling that of drag queens.