Heather Anne Morgan

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Heather Anne Morgan
Heather Anne Morgan
Other Names Morgan, Freckles (by readers)
Age Unknown
Residence Abby Hall
Occupation Human Resources/Writer, Pandorea Magazine
Relatives Uncle
Affiliations Unknown
First Appearance
Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 82.

Morgan: Welsh, "Bright Sea".

Although sartorially impaired to the point of frumpiness, Morgan works at an upscale fashion magazine, Pandorea. She hails from Nebraska, a birthplace that occasionally causes others to consider her a bumpkin castaway on the shores of the big city. Morgan's not the naive, backwater innocent some people like to imagine, but she's not above exploiting that assumption for personal benefit.

Friendly and mildly self-conscious, Morgan enjoys amateur astronomy, beer, and sarcasm. She currently lives with an uncle.


About Morgan

Morgan is from Nebraska, and works at Pandorea Magazine. She used to be a part of Human Resources (answering phones), but has been offered $1.25 per word to write "folksy wisdom" in her own column.

Morgan enjoys beer and astronomy; she doesn't care who knows how she feels about Saturn.


Morgan seems to keep to herself, considering Reagan hasn't met her [1]. Though she is friendly with Ben when they first meet and seems to develop an understanding with him.

She suffers the prejudices of her co-workers, who unwittingly patronize her because of her midwestern roots [2]. She ignores them most of the time but can be pushed into indignant outbursts.


Morgan is extremely freckled.